TempSen Express

TempSen Express is the new TempSen cold chain data management desktop program, it enhances the data visualization, analysis experiences and optimized device connection capability like supporting multiple devices downloading and programming.


  • Multiple devices connection, downloading and programming
  • Multi-user access management system
  • Enhanced digital signature and audit trail system to ensure 21 CFR 11 compliance
  • Improved data visualization function offers better data awareness
  • Auto download data on device connection
  • Auto save device PDF reports

Supported Products

  • Tempod series (excluding Tempod MP/SP)
  • ITAG4 / ITAG4 Bio / ITAG4 SP
  • TempSen Express will support new ITAG3 Pro / ITAG4 TH when they are released in late 2022



Online Help

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TempCentre 2.0 data management software is versatile desktop software designed for reading and configuring TempSen cold chain data loggers, and helping user efficiently view, analyze, archive and compare data collected from TempSen cold chain data loggers during transport and storage cycle. All data saved is stored in relational data base, which allows user to fast retrieve data using dynamic filter functions for further study, the rick set of analysis and viewing tool are available to bring you the visibility into your cold chain operations like never before, enabling best practices to be carried out to minimize risk and deploying correcting action.