Life Science

Bio-pharmaceuticals Distribution

Bio-pharmaceuticals like plasma are delivered in between cities and countries for emergency healthcare demands, these blood products are required to be kept under -18C or colder during transportation, any temperature excursion may seriously compromise the quality and effectiveness, and then leave patients in danger, so no doubt a complete and accurate temperature monitoring across the supply chain of blood products is required by authorities. TempSen Tempod series data loggers are designed for a variety of life science supply chain scenarios, up to 18 months contentious monitoring covers any phase of the life cycle of the blood products, from station to storage, and then to the surgery, powerful LCD indication allows quick check of current status, if alarm condition is spotted, doctors or first-aid workers would make proper disposition in field immediately, the complete temperature history in PDF report created automatically also enables instant access to the shipment information anywhere, no software is required, and that’s really helpful for the medical staff working at places without ideal internet connections. Broad temperature measurement ranges allow you easily handle different blood products required to be kept in different temperature ranges.

WHO Vaccine Shipping

As WHO PQS pre-qualified electronic data loggers, ITAG4 / ITAG4 Bio series logger has been used as primary temperature data loggers for shipping a variety of vaccines across the world, configuration file based online programming facilities rapid configuration anywhere, no more software installation challenges and compatibility issues when deploying loggers within the goods, and receiver of hospitals could easily check the alarm status and temperature history on LCD before downloading PDF report containing complete temperature history that the vaccine had experienced.

Global Clinical Trial Samples Delivery

Since 2015, a leading provider of global clinical trial service has chosen ITAG4 series data loggers for global-wide clinical trial projects, users from pharma, logistics companies could download identifiable configuration files pre-saved within their own ERP systems and apply them to loggers to be shipped with valuable clinical trial samples in seconds, no need to install any dedicated software, driver for logger deployment. On arrival, receivers could read the alarm status and temperature statistics on LCD for receiving decision making, furthermore, user could download auto PDF report created from logger for further study analysis, PDF report would present users the complete temperature history with summary, graph and data lists pages, and users could upload PDF reports to their own ERP system for raw data extraction, then data collected by ITAG4 loggers could be easily saved in customer’s own data center for long term storage and audit purpose.