Trans-continental Perishable Food Logistics

Since 2008, TempSen ITAG3 Pro data loggers have been widely used for trans-continental perishable food logistics, every year thousands shipment of berries from Chile to China, avocados from Mexico to the US, and vegetables from the Netherland to other European countries, customers will use TempSen ITAG3 Pro, ITAG4 SP to monitor the temperature in transition over thousands mile, any temperature violation accident like extreme weather, failed AC system or even delay custom clearance will cause millions dollars loss for both buyers and sellers, so a reliable and cost-effect option like ITAG3 Pro or ITAG4 SP will provides customers the affordable temperature monitoring solution, which could efficiently help customers understand what temperature conditions the goods have went through, and how to precisely improve the weak points amid their global logistics. ITAG3 Pro and ITAG4 SP are provided to customers programed, which means users could simply started the loggers on their hands and place them into the containers to be shipped out, after they arrived at destination, receivers could easily download the auto PDF reports for temperature history review, no need to install any dedicated software, drivers for device programming and data reading out, a complete software-free temperature monitoring solution they could choose at a very low cost.